Big Data | Machine Learning | Applied AI

Are you getting value off your data?
Data collected about your customers, sales/marketing efforts, operations, production processes, employees, markets you operate in, internet site, your product.

Are you squeezing the maximum out of them?
Most profitable companies in the market use 'rocket science' to maximize conversions, give the best possible offers to existing customers, defy intuition and find new opportunities.

So how can we help you?
Actionable results you get from us will improve performance of indicators you value.
We have applied current research into marketing data, web site usage data, trading data and data about public education.

Why us?

We focus on business value

Our goal is to solve problems that have an impact.

We have top talent

We give you the best mix of experience in Fortune 100 companies and cutting edge scientific research.

We have delivered

Currently we work with market leader in online job search and an established financial institution.

We have worked with a successful European social network and major early stage biotech company in genetics/health.

Our services with these companies focus primarily on marketing, site conversions, client retention and operations efficiency.


Life sciences

SciCurve project - BigData to find trends in science.



Our projects included work with Profesia s.r.o., Asmira s.r.o., EOS KSI Slovensko, s.r.o., Vestigen s. r. o., Winston bros s. r. o.